East Lake Outlaw Race and Slide Jam 2012

Here we got two videos from the east lake jam and race.


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South Florida Confusion(Featuring Nick Natural)

Even with the severe lack of hills that south Florida is plagued with, Nick Natural gets sideways with ease on his Nuke Confusions and Klever Smartbomb 37.

Equipment can be found at:


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Tally Race Video

Riley Lux with a edit from the Tally race.

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Prescott Majette Roflstomping

Quick edit of Prescott shredding around the Nasty on a Klever Smartbomb 37 and Nuke wheels. Keep your eyes peeled for more.

Prescott rides for Klever Skateboards, Nuke Wheels and Waterboyz Surf and Skate Shop.

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Por Qué (feat. John Janes & Michael Chen)

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Winter in Hell Write Up by Sean Lahav

On the 9th of December 2012, the South Florida skateboard community gathered in Boca Raton Florida for its first Winter in Hell hosted by Sean Lahav. The sunday was commenced with sunny Florida weather and skaters ranging from the walks of Jensen Beach to Miami. Riders began arriving at the first location where the push race would be held. Rider registration began at 10:30am lasting an hour with some riders arriving a little late. During this time riders such as CaliFlorida’s Juan Molina and Bustin’s Jorge Garcia got prepared by pulling out the spandex and waiting at the start line. We were all greeted along the way by pedestrians, cyclist and spectators enjoying the competition. Around 11:45am the push race began at the beginning of the El Rio Trail. Riders used all of their strength to push their way to the front of the pack. Challenged by humid weather conditions and three road crossings along the trail that required some awareness, the push race round trip was approximately 4.6 miles and challenged riders endurance abilities and well roundedness. Coming in neck and neck was Jorge Garcia who placed 1st and Juan Molina coming in behind at 2nd who suffered mildly from the conditions and a previous injury but pulled through strong. Coming in 3rd was Boca’s own Alex Ruptash. The push race being the first contest of the day, challenged all of its riders and truly woke them up the central idea behind the event being Winter in “Hell”.


Riders at the starting line for the El Rio push Race.


After twenty minutes of cooling down, we began to make our way to the second location to have the downhill section of the event. Split up in to two categories being Open and Grom. Names were randomized onto brackets separated into 3-4 man heats. Upon arrival a black cloud unleashed its wrath upon us storming down, making the course slippery and wet. With added cones, and some chicane running through the course, many younger riders became worried under the conditions. During this time I allowed a longer period of practice runs where riders planned out their strategies for taking the corners and handling the conditions. After forty-five minutes the course was dry leaving the shady final carnage corner still wet and slippery adding some challenge to the race. Open heats began and the competition was getting tighter going through the bracket. Finals came down to Jorge Garcia coming in at 1st, Boca local Aaron Gould placing 2nd, and Klever/ Nuke team rider Nick Natural placing 3rd. Not to mention, an excellent performance by fifteen year old Ricky Gould proving himself in the open bracket placing 4th. After open finals were complete, grom heats began with many 16 and under riders trying to claim their local territory. With some gnarly crashes, and heavy competition, Nick Natural came out on top placing 1st in grom followed by Ricky Gould and Joe Donnelly coming in behind. At this point in the event riders were starting to become exhausted but were enjoying the challenge and pushed through.


Joe Donnelly and Eli Shelly battle for 1st in Downhill

After roughly a half an hour, all 30-40 riders gathered at the top of the race hill preparing for the Chinese Downhill. Everyone stormed the course, capturing some epic bails and regulating (which was allowed for Chinese). It was a repeat of the open podium at the finish line with Jorge, Aaron and Nick all placing in top three.


Chinese Downhill


Winter in Hell would finish with its final event being the slide jam which was also split into Open/Grom. Each division was given a fifteen minute run to show off their steez and impress the four judges spread out along the hill. Judges criteria was based off of risk factor, steez, flow, and were told to base their choices off of all styles of riding wether it be freestyle, free riding, or hard wheels. Impressing the crowd were groms Joe Donnelly with some smooth 360′s and quick tail whips, followed by the toeside/switch slide king Nick Natural, and seven year old Anton McCampbell placing 3rd with some amazing skill for his age. The grom division was followed by open who’s time was extended five minutes due to some incredibly tight competition and intense skating. Placing 1st on his DK Penguin was the unfamiliar face Matt Allen who wowed the crowd with his mixture of freeride/freestyle abilities followed by Joe Donnelly placing yet again, and FAU Freerider Tyler Grubbs killing it with some steezy stalefishes and toesides.


All three events were followed by an overall podium rewarding all of the podiums with products provided by the sponsors.


Official Results:

Push Race:

1. Jorge Garcia

2. Juan Molina

3. Alex Ruptash


Grom Downhill


1. Nick Natural

2. Ricky Gould

3. Joe Donnelly


Open Downhill

1. Jorge Garcia

2. Aaron Gould

3. Nick Natural


Chinese Downhill


1. Jorge Garcia

2. Aaron Gould

3. Nick Natural


Grom Slide Jam

1. Joe Donnelly

2. Nick Natural

3. Anton McCampbell


Open Slide Jam
1. Matt Allen

2. Joe Donnelly

3. Tyler Grubbs


Gnarliest Bail

1. Anthony DeDominico



The overall podium was determined by points rewarded for placing in each event and was awarded with entry fee monies which totaled over $230.



1. Jorge Garcia $100 [9 Points]

2. Aaron Gould $70 [4 Points]

2. Nick Natural $70 [4 Points]



Overall, Winter in Hell ran as smoothly as possible and turned out like I never imagined. We encountered no issues with local pedestrians or police, and all skaters went home ecstatic after a rad day of competitive skateboarding. Product giveaways and a massive sticker toss left everyone with a smile on their face and gave the event its final touch. South Florida’s skate community proved their belonging on the East Coast and truly shined on their own territory.



I’d like to thank with tremendous gratitude the sponsors who helped out immensely by throwing products into the community and making this even possible:


MuirSkate [Scott Lembach]

Original Skateboards [Lindsay Sittinger]

Orangatang Wheels [Kyle Chin]

Loaded Boards [Kyle Chin]

Riptide Bushings [Tracey Miller]

G-Form [Mike Girard]

Rider Approved Designs [Louis Pilloni]

Sector 9 [Louis Pilloni]


w/ Special thanks to:

Tyler Grubbs

Sam Jensen

& Anthony DeDominico


Words: Sean Lahav

Photos: David McCampbell, Steven Konitshek, Chris Shaw


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Pensacola Longboarding Outlaw Circuit #9

December 2nd, 2012 saw the conclusion of this year’s Pensacola Longboarding Outlaw Circuit with the 9th and final race of the season.  With the overall points lead a tight, 4 horse race between Pensacola OG’s Michael Harrington, Aaron Conley and Rob Bauer and Jacksonville resident Will Fogel, skaters and spectators alike were guaranteed some fantastic racing.  This was my first PLOC event, but according to other racers more familiar with the circuit, this race course was one of the best of the series and I would have to agree.  The run started with a 50 yard push and another 50 yards before the first turn; a tight, but sweeping 160 degree left that spit you onto a 200 yard, slightly downhill straight.  The straight was succeeded by a 90 degree right concurrent with a large increase in grade then a 70 yard straight into a fast 90 degree left.  The left began as two lanes but then decreased to one with a change in pavement from as smooth as a baby’s bottom to rougher than the knee callouses on a ten dollar lady of the evening.  The high speed coupled with the tight and slippery exit made the last corner difficult to negotiate and proved to be a game changer in many heats, especially with the finish line being only 20 yards after the turn.

Blake Middleton, Gabe Fowler, Schad Markham, and Connor Brink on the first left. Resinbeard.com Photo

Michael Harrington and Richard Allen on the drafty second straight.

Jackson Buckley and Aaron Conley on the last right hander. Resinbeard.com Photo

Straight into the Final Left. Resinbeard.com Photo

Myself, Michael Harrington and Robbie Trotta on the final left. Resinbeard.com Photo


This event was the second of my weekend with the CCOC race I hosted being the day before and 200 miles away in Tallahassee; which essentially meant I was busy as hell all weekend.  Most Pensacola locals who competed in CCOC #2 left in the evening following my race, but 2 of ATL’s finest, Cameron Frazier and Robbie Trotta, were expected in Tallahassee late Saturday evening.  Once Cam and Robbie arrived, we got to drinking and shredding with PBRs and mini ramp hair-clam can jam slams a plenty.

Cameron doing some Skeleton

Robbie, gooning. Cameron Frazier photo


TallaNASTY Mini Hair Clam Ramp Jam - Cameron Frazier Video

After getting too inebriated to keep skating, we headed down to the palace and continued the festivities.  With more Peebs in our collective bellies and The Decline blaring down from the heavens, we got to throwing them darts and generally irritating fellow bar patrons with our, off pitch, at best, renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody and White Wedding.  We didn’t care, being wasted and still in good spirits from a great event and solid mini session, we went all out and then stumbled home after being rudely reminded it was after 2:00am by the sterile, fluorescent glow cascading down upon us.

It'll getchya DRUNK. Cameron Frazier photo.

After a night of drunken slumber, I was awoken by Cam tugging at my foot because yelling at me wasn’t cutting it, half an hour after we were supposed to be up.  We all pretty much slept through our alarms and had to get driving quickly due to the late start.  I fell asleep 45 minutes into the trip and woke up in the parking lot by Cam blaring his train horn at Michael Harrington.  After a quick change into my lucky pants, we were skating.  As described earlier, the course was really entertaining.  It was absolutely critical to hit the first left as fast as possible, otherwise you were draft bait at best.  The final left was also crucial because any error resulted in no exit speed or sliding out into the grass.  Practice went smooth as can be, with only a few slide outs and tumbles in the grass.  After about 45 minutes of practice, we were running heats, and they were all hotly contested.

Richard Allen slides out and collects Prescott Majette and Michael Harrington. Robbie avoids carnage.

If I was a zombie, I'd eat it. Richard Allen with a nice gash. Resinbeard.com Photo

We had 16 competitors in open, which meant I needed to advance through 2 heats to make the finals and this proved more difficult than I initially expected.  My first heat consisted of Will Fogel, Gabe Fowler and Adam Mayorga.  My alcohol consumption the previous evening came into play on the start of my first heat, as it was one my worst pushes in recent memory.  I started farthest to the inside and left the line half a kick behind everyone else.  I was luckily able to push nearly to the front of the pack and was inside of, but just barely next to, Will Fogel.  Having the inside line, I dove into the turn and kept my fingers crossed I would not go wide on the exit and become draft bait.  I made it to the next corner first, but just barely.  I love it when a plan comes together.  After the right, Gabe Fowler tucked in nicely right behind me, we both made the left and advanced.  It was essentially the same story for my second heat, but this time my competitors were Gabe, Jackson Buckley and Richard Allen.  I chose the outside start position and vowed to not be beat off the line again.  I finally made a proper start and we were off to the races.  All four of us were obscenely close the whole race, literally nose to tail, all the way to the final corner.  The only difference this round being that Jackson tucked in behind me before the last left.  I was fully expecting to be drafted and passed in both heats, but was luckily able to pull off the victory.

Like I said, close racing. Semifinals with Jackson Buckley and Gabe Fowler

I made the finals as intended, but at this point, any one of us could have won.  The final heat was composed of Jackson Buckley, Aaron Conley, Michael Harrington and myself.  An all Waterboyz Team affair and I the only racer left that did not hail from Pensacola.  I was again able to secure the outside starting position as well as the holeshot, but after the first left I could hear the pack behind me, closing in, waiting for the opportunity to strike.  I was sweating bullets all the way to the penultimate corner, where we were greeted by a pickup truck going uphill.  Exciting to say the least.  We all made it through unscathed.  I held the lead through the right and into the final left.  I secured a good line, the win and a great end to my already awesome weekend.

Finals, also very close.

After a quick podium ceremony, the festivities continued with an impromptu slide jam on the steep part of the race course.  After swapping wheels and kicking it for a minute, I took some freeride runs. Quite frankly, I was rather unfortunately, absolutely beat at this point.  I went back to kicking it until a relocation to another hill was proposed.  Cam, Robbie and Myself decided that some food and adult beverages were the better alternative, and we found some pale ales and pizza before heading over to Waterboys to shred their park.   Yes, they have a skatepark built into their shop, it is amazing.  We hit the park for a couple hours and then made our way back towards Tallahassee.  Cam and Robbie continued 5 hours further, back to Atlanta, easily winning them The Iron Butt Award.

Resinbeard PLOC #9 Edit

Podium. Resinbeard.com photo.

Aaron Conley steezin a stalefish.

Cameron Frazier getting fancy into the final left.

Waterboyz skatepark. So radical. Cameron Frazier photo.


Open Podium. Resinbeard.com Photo

Open Results
1.  Prescott Majette
2.  Jackson Buckley
3.  Aaron Conley
4.  Michael Harrington


Junior Podium

Junior Results
1.  Blake Middleton
2.  Schad Markham
3.  Connor Brink

Open Series Podium


Open Series Results
1.  Michael Harrington 14pts
2.  Will Fogel 11pts
3.  Aaron Conley. 10pts
3.  Rob Bauer. 10pts
4.  Jackson Buckley. 9pts
Junior Series Results
1.  Ty Weaver - 7 pts
1.  Blake Middleton - 7 pts
2.  Evan Gellatly - 4 pts
2.  Alec Walden - 4 pts
3.  Davis Tyler - 2 pts
3.  Julian - 2 pts
3.  Brandon Lee - 2 pts
4.  Matt Mitchell - 1 pt.

Aaron Conley, Robbie Trotta, Richard Allen and Kyle Peel flying close in the top left.

Got a little swap, got a little swap, YARDSALE!

First of all, I have to give mad props to Michael Harrington for organizing not only a fantastic event, but also a whole series of them.  A big thank you as well to the course workers and residents for helping everyone have a good time.  Waterboyz for supplying prizes for the Groms and for letting us hit the park after hours and for everyone who came out to either event.  Keep your eyes peeled this February for another weekend of dual PLOC and CCOC events.  We’re going to try and make a double header the norm, to make the drive more worthwhile for people living in South Florida and other further areas.

Pictures – Martino Photos, Resinbeard.com and Cameron Frazier

Words – Prescott Majette

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Capital City Outlaw Circuit #2

On December 1st, 2012 many of Florida’s fastest and finest skaters converged upon the state’s the capital for the the second event in the Capital City Outlaw Circuit.  It was a full weekend of skating with the 9th and final Pensacola Longboarding Outlaw Circuit race of the season falling on Sunday the 2nd.  By all accounts, it was a great weekend to be a skateboarder in Florida. Two days of intense racing with more than enough beer, bowls, miniramps and debauchery to go around.  The festivities kicked off Friday night with 2 full cars arriving in the evening to fight for space on my couch and floor.  I certainly had a full house, with skaters spilling out of my living room into my kitchen, my room and out back onto the porch and miniramp.  The weekend was perfectly poised for success.

GOOD MORNING CAMPERS! Cameron Frazier Photo

Saturday kicked off with a bunch of groggy, but excited, skaters waking up to perform their various pre-race routines before meeting at the race hill at 10:30am.  I was greeted at the hill by a bunch of skaters who were apparently unfazed by the early meet-up time and were already skating.  Registration and course set up went smoother than could be reasonably expected, despite the fact that a local LEO decided to stop by.  The officer was surprisingly, radical.  He just wanted to make sure we had a spotter at the final corner to avoid potential collisions with a car, but otherwise thought what we were doing was super rad and was legitimately stoked.  One of the best experiences I’ve ever had dealing with the police, no doubt.

Stephen Vaughn and Brett Birch fight for the holeshot.  Photo by Anthony Martino

The course consisted of a long push start into a 90 degree right hander that put you into the hill.  This was followed almost immediately by a second 90 degree right that spit you onto an almost flat, drafty, section for about 100 yards and was succeeded by a 90 degree left that put you on the meat and potatoes of the hill.  At this point the road increases grade and skaters gain speed for roughly 150 yards to a top speed of 35mph.  At the fastest portion of the course I set up a chicane to add difficulty and keep speeds in check before the final right corner and the finish line.  The chicane was simple, two rows of cones that forced skaters to fight for real estate while going through a “gate” on the left and then exiting another on the right side of the road.  A difficult set up for the off-camber and tricky 90 degree right that immediately followed.  A short straight section was the final opportunity to pass before the finish line.

Stephen Vaughn leading Riley Lux, Kyle Peel and Cody Lux through the chicane and into the final right.  Martino Photo.

Practice went smoothly with only some minor roadrash, bumps and bruises.  The chicane proved to be a tricky obstacle, it was easy to pass through at full speed, but only in a single file line.  If you made it through cleanly, you were still presented the difficulty of negotiating an already technical corner from an unusually tight entry line.  This combined with the off camber pavement, made washing out a very common occurrence and also made for some great racing.

Riley Lux and Joey Scotten getting cozy.  Martino Photo

After an hour of practice and a half hour break, we started racing.  With the green light from Johnny Law and no need to rush, I decided to do 6 heats of 3 and 1 of 5 with the top 2 finishers advancing.  This left us with 14 skaters, so next came the last chance qualifiers.  We had 8 people eliminated at this point.  The decision was easy to do two 4 man heats with the winner proceeding to the next round.  The quarter and semi final rounds ran like a Swiss watch, and after only an hour and a half, we had our final heat.  The heat consisted of Cody Lux, Riley Lux, Stephen Vaughn and Aaron Gould, all representing south Florida.  This was a heat that I really wanted to watch, so I threw on my helmet and gloves, grabbed my board and called the skaters to the line.  After a quick “Riders ready?  3…2…1.GO!” they took off like banshees with their collective ass-hair on fire.  I threw my board down and made chase to keep an eye on the action and I must say, these guys were absolutely hauling.   All four held in a very tight group all the way the chicane, where they made through single file, perfectly nose to tail.  They then all dove into the corner, just as tight as before and nearly 3 wide.  Stephen and Aaron slid out on the exit, letting Cody keep his lead and win the race with Riley finishing close behind.  Aaron and Stephen scrambled for their boards and had a push race to this finish with Stephen barely edging out Aaron.

Barney Hascola with Riley and Cody Lux.  Martino Photo

To top it all of, two more officers showed up right as we finished the podium ceremony, just to check out what was going on.  All in all, it was a great day.  Had a bunch of rad people come to race and hang out and the event went super smoothly with fast and clean racing.  Keep your eyes open next February for the next CCOC event, you can’t afford to miss it.

1.  Cody Lux
2.  Riley Lux
3.  Stephen Vaughn
4.  Aaron Gould

Obligatory podium/group shot.  Kory Dahl picture.



A successful race day is properly concluded at the Palace Saloon, one kick and two standees down the road from my house.  Cameron Frazier photo.

Words: Prescott Majette

Pictures: Cameron Frazier, Anthony Martino and Kory Dahl

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Gainsville Outlaw Race write up by Stephen Vaughen

On Sunday, November 18th, Gator Longboarding held the first ever Gainesville Outlaw Race and Slide Jam. Everyone met at the local CVS at promptly 11:00 AM Skater Time. After a rough start and some friendly police intervention, we took our small army of skaters to the race hill. The hill was a relatively short course, a sweeping left followed by two rights and speeds in the low-mid 30s. Many heats were decided by who got the holeshot on the first corner. The race was divided into two categories, Expert, in which the racers did the full course, and beginner/intermediate where riders did not take the final right, and for good reason. The last corner was a beyond janky pavement change that sent many riders sliding out into the grass just before the finish line.

Racers enjoyed many practice runs as the brackets were being made. During this time, we got a second visit from the police. Thankfully, they were very cooperative, and wanted to see the event go on, especially after mentioning that a portion of the proceeds went to charity. After an OK from his supervisor, the officer gave us free reign of the hill for the day.


Expert raced first and the heats went quick. After 3 fast rounds of racing, the winners were decided. The beginner heats went in a similar fashion. The results of the race are as follows:


1st: Stephen Vaughn
2nd: Mario Perez
3rd: Barney Lascola


1st: Kyle Peel
2nd: Tyler Grubbs
3rd: Connor McCullough

After a quick lunch break/safety meeting, riders went to the top section of the course for the slide jam. The slide jam consisted of everyone riding together in a single 25 minute jam. Tons of awesome skating and several spectacular falls later, the jam was over. A quick Longest Heelside/Toeside competition was thrown in before the sun went down. Results for the slide jam are as follows:

Open Jam:

1st: Ayden Nottingham
2nd: Turner Tenney
3rd: Stephen Vaughn and Mark Howie

Longest Heelside:
Ayden Nottingham

Longest Toeside:
Barney Lascola

Overall, it was a well-thrown event, and an extremely fun day of skating. Thanks goes out to Jeff Dickens and Brett Birch of Gator Longboarding for throwing the event, Freeride Skate Shop for supplying the swag, and Gainesville PD for being so supportive of the event. See you at the next one!

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Jensen Beach DH Sesh

ust another sesh in jensen beach florida! skating by nick natural, joe donnelly, kyle tidey, jon stewart, logan thomson, alex ruptash and more.

film/edit- Alex Ruptash

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